2009-2010 Annual Report Video

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Last week, in an effort to help promote transparent assessment, we released our 2009-2010 Annual Report in the form of a video. This video, inspired by Dan Meyer, helps put the CETL’s year in perspective without the academic rhetoric that normally accompanies an annual report. Conversely, without that rhetoric, we allowed for interpretation from the viewer, which can be particularly dangerous. Not only were our strengths illustrated, but our weakness became embarrassingly flagrant. While that can be intimidating at times, transparent assessment is the key to growth and building trust. We have to be aware of what we did well and not so well in order to improve. Our hope is that this video will start conversations on-campus of the importance of transparent assessment.

Embedded below is our 2009-2010 Annual Report. We welcome any feedback, encouragement, or additional strategies to improve this video.

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